Are Unicorns Real…?

The nature of unicorns has always been a perpetual question. For a creature with such a long and storied history, it makes sense that there must be some truth behind all of it. Additionally, no matter where you go in the world, the written and verbal accounts of encounters with the creature share many similarities. Could such a coincidence really happen by chance across thousands of miles over thousands of years?

Some of the many aspects that make the unicorn so fascinating are its rarity and mysteriousness. Even in accounts of the unicorn from the dark ages, they are known to be creatures that are nearly impossible to track down if one is actively looking. Unicorns have only ever appeared before the pure of heart in remote locations. Perhaps today the elusive creatures only appear before those who will continue to keep their secret safe!

Historical Accounts

Historical accounts of the unicorn were considered to be substantial enough that they were scientifically accredited alongside other animals such as lions or elephants. There are documented encounters with the unicorn in many regions, from Greece to China, India to Rome, and more. Without photographic evidence, minor details vary from encounter to encounter – but this simply comes down to the differences in the way that people relay information.

During the middle ages, there are true stories of groups who would hunt the unicorn for their incredibly powerful horns. These groups of hunters would venture deep into quiet woods where they thought it was most likely to encounter the legendary stallions. Each group would bring along a virgin woman to act as bait for the creatures and bring them out of hiding. In fact, there are many paintings and tapestries depicting this very real practice. Kings and nobles would pay a fortune for access to unicorn horns and this well-documented trade went on for hundreds of years. There must have been some reality to the claims – after all, these were purchased by the most affluent and powerful people of their time. Many tradesmen made their living off of proving the authenticity of the unicorn horns.

Magical Creatures

Unicorns have always had mystical powers beyond our understanding. Even today, science cannot explain all the intricacies of the world. If unicorns can choose to be invisible or reveal themselves only to those they deem worthy, we may never know it. We’re not far off from the ability to create perfectly invisible camouflage through technology, so why couldn’t it exist in the natural world? Furthermore, how many scientists dare to go out into remote woods to search for unicorns using infra-red or thermal scanning technology? Unicorns could very well be walking among us and we may never know.

It is possible that unicorns have chosen to depart from modern civilization of their own accord. While the world is becoming more connected and the borders of society grow a little bit more each day, there are still countless untouched forests for the creatures to call their home. Unicorns were never considered to be widely populous creatures. If only a few exist at a time, they could stay in hiding forever. As to why they would choose to shy away from society now? Well, perhaps the unicorns no longer find society to be as pure and worthy of their presence as it once was. The young maidens they once appeared before were shielded from sexuality in a way that is simply almost impossible in today’s modern world.

Another very real possibility is that we no longer see the unicorn because the covetous hunters drove them from the world. Unicorn hunting was a major practice – it’s not impossible that humanity drove this incredible creature to extinction just as we have almost done with tigers or elephants. Humanity is a danger to the natural world and unicorns were always the guardians of the forests we now bulldoze for houses. Perhaps, if they are still around, it is for this reason that they hide from us today.

Modern Accounts

There are still many who claim to have real encounters with unicorns today. With these claims and all those before them for thousands of years, the mythical creature must have been a reality several hundreds of years ago even if it no longer is now. Whether they walk among us today, just out of sight, or they have vanished from the world, unicorns will always be a part of our culture. They will exist forever in stories, movies, games, and every new form of entertainment that comes to be. Unicorns are an embodiment of what we want to see in the world. Unicorns have captured our hearts and minds and these magical beings will continue to be a part of our world forever.