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Discover our sublime unicorn accessories, from keychains to unicorn school bags. This selection is perfectly adapted and even essential for all unicorn fans! 

And if you want to expand your unicorn accessories collection even further, we recommend our various unicorn backpacks, which are just perfect for any fan of magical unicorns!

An understatedly wonderful collection of unicorn accessories!

Making all kinds of accessories may seem pointless at first, we agree. But that's only true if there are no unicorns to disguise their appearance! Here at Unicorn World, all your otherwise staid accessories will finally become practical, beautiful and an essential source of your unicorn passion! 

Our unicorn backpacks: watch out! With such unicorn backpack you can impress more than one! Colorful, rainbows, flowers, there really is something for everyone!

Unicorn water bottle: Have you also often thirsty and feel guilty that you have not yet made a water bottle? Well, you're in luck because we've finally given you a way out of your predicament with our beautiful unicorn water bottles! The disguise designs will be just perfect to make them look even more stylish!

Our Unicorn Keychains: These few keychains are just perfect to complete your backpack assembly. There really is nothing better than these two to have a great day of fun at school or work!

Our Unicorn Pencil Case: Want to impress your classmates with an extravagant and beautiful watch? Then this collection of unicorn pencil cases will fulfill your wishes perfectly!

Our Unicorn Night Lights: Enjoy waking up and going to sleep with one of these fabulous unicorn night lights! Whether you prefer them in 3D, in the shape of a unicorn head or even in rainbow colors, there will be something for everyone! 

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