Did You Know…

Unicorns are guardians of the forests they live in. They ward off evil and danger to all the creatures who call the area home.


A unicorn’s territory is often eerily silent and mysterious. If you find yourself in an unusually quiet forest, there might be a unicorn nearby!


The first unicorn in history is attributed to the Lascaux Caves in France. Here, there are cave paintings of a unicorn dating back 15,000 years.


According to legend, Genghis Khan never invaded India because he encountered a mighty unicorn. The unicorn bowed before him near the nation’s border, and Genghis Khan took this gesture as a sign to turn back.


Unicorns can be any color, ranging from vibrant red, purple, pink, or pure white. Many unicorns are even known for having a whole rainbow of colors or brilliant sparkling aura.


Unicorns never need to eat. They may eat grass or hay because they wish to do so but they can survive entirely off of the energy of the sun.


Unicorns are not usually able to fly. Pegasus are similar to unicorns but without a horn and have magnificent wings. Something in-between these two, a unicorn with wings, is called an alicorn.


Unicorns have extreme strength to match their magnificent beauty. It is written in legends that they can easily contend with the strength of an elephant.


Lake Superior University is the only place in the world where you can obtain a Unicorn Hunting License. The university began offering the license in 1971. Enjoy your new and interesting credentials, but please don’t hurt any unicorns!


Unicorn horns are a magical cure-all. They cleanse poisons, cure disease, restore health, and increase longevity.


Unicorns are attracted to purity. If a unicorn approaches you, you are one of the most truly virtuous and pure of heart people in the world.


Unicorns have the ability to discern the truth of what lies in a person’s soul. They can instantly detect a liar or cheater and will point them out.


Scotland might be famous for the Loch Ness Monster, but the unicorn is their national animal. They celebrate National Unicorn Day on April 9th.


Scottish coins from the 1400’s even included unicorn iconography.


The Old Testament of the King James Bible contains 9 separate references to the unicorn.


Unicorn horns were worth approximately ten times their weight in gold.