The Perfect Pairing

The natural partnership between unicorns and rainbows is a very recent development. Since the mid-1900’s, most depictions of unicorns have been aimed primarily at a younger audience. Wherever children’s interests lied at the time, that’s the direction that popular imagery of unicorns followed.

During the 1980’s, the unicorn toy phenomenon peaked. The makers of the original My Little Pony series of toys decided that they wanted to enhance their original horses with a magical touch that would assuredly leave its mark on the generations to come. They included their first unicorns into the line of toys and saw immediate success. Shortly thereafter, they included rainbow imagery on some of the unicorns. This was the monumental moment that rainbows and unicorns became eternally linked. Ever since, unicorns and rainbows would join themselves together as one single identity in modern culture.

Today, rainbows and unicorns are one of the most iconic pairings. Like milk and cookies or chocolate and peanut butter, rainbows and unicorns perfectly compliment one another. The duo has even become its own phrase to indicate that all is well. Together, they symbolize happiness, beauty, friendship, and magic. This delightful combination is here to stay!