Abilities and Powers

The unicorn itself has been known for a variety of special powers and abilities since the dawn of civilization. This magnificent creature has inspired and influenced a global audience. Many different cultures throughout history have proclaimed that the unicorn is a creature of legendary speed, grace, and strength. The only supernatural ability that the unicorn is known for in particular is its affinity for pure good. The creature is known to ward off evil in all of its forms, appearing to those who are good and pure of heart in times of need and danger.

Unicorn Horns

Perhaps more legendary than the unicorn itself is the horn on its head. The horn of the unicorn is one of the most interesting and powerful objects in mythology with many wide and varied powers associated with it. During the middle ages, the unicorn horn was traded widely by merchants touting the amazing powers it held. These merchants were supported by the church and the Bible in their claims. Many different forms of fake unicorn horns, including the horns of rhinos and narwhals, were sold by these merchants who would become very wealthy.

The horn of the unicorn was highly regarded as a powerful tool throughout the middle ages and on, even as late as the 1600’s. The most defining feature of the horn was its legendary purity. The unicorn horn had the unique and powerful ability to cleanse and purify almost anything. Unicorn horns would be affixed to fountains to purify the water of disease and contaminants. Kings would test their drinks with the horns of unicorns to ensure they contained no poison. Royalty would ward off all disease, even the plague, by consuming the horn in powdered form.

The belief in the power of the unicorn horn was widespread and ingrained into European society. During times of the Inquisition, those who doubted the purifying powers of the unicorn horn were believed to be disbelieving of God himself and were punished by the church.