Black Unicorns

Traditionally, unicorns are pristine white stallions that symbolize purity, nobility, beauty, and grace. When unicorns are depicted in a different way, the traditional symbolism changes. This is the case in both the purple unicorn and the black unicorn.

While black and white are opposites, it does not mean that black unicorns have the opposite symbolism of white unicorns. The two still share some fundamental similarities. The difference comes in the point of focus on how the creature is viewed by those referencing it. White unicorns are traditionally known as powerful creatures, both in fantasy and in historical records of them. In ancient times, it was believed that unicorns could easily contest with the power of an elephant despite their differences in size. Black unicorns epitomize this extraordinary strength.

Black Unicorn Symbolism

Black unicorns are symbols of power, strength, and freedom. They are a true force of nature. While a white unicorn might act as a forest’s guardian, a black unicorn is never bound to any particular place and does exactly as its heart desires. Black unicorns are able to freely roam the world.

Black unicorns are particularly well-known for their appearances in dreams. To understand this significance, it is important to first understand what it means to encounter a white unicorn while dreaming. If one were to dream of seeing a unicorn, the dream would symbolize high ideals, hope, and insight. If one were to dream of walking alongside a unicorn, it is often believed that one is on the right path in life or career choice. It means that one is following their true calling and purpose in life. On the other hand, riding on a unicorn indicates that one is bound to experience something incredible very soon! Whichever type of encounter one has with a white unicorn, rest assured that positive things are bound to happen soon. An encounter with a black unicorn has similar meanings, although, it can mean that one may experience a challenge or some form of hardship. This does not necessarily mean a bad thing! To encounter a black unicorn means that one is able to fully utilize personal strength and power to overcome obstacles in order to reach new heights in their life.

So, what is a black unicorn? Black unicorns are the most powerful type of unicorn. They are raw, primal power. They are the strongest of the mythical unicorn family. If you ever run into a black unicorn, know that you are just as strong in its eyes!