Purple Unicorns

Unicorns are, of course, wonderful, mysterious, and incredibly unique creatures. What could make such a creature even more wondrous? A fantastical color to match such a magical being would do! The color purple has historical associations throughout Europe with royalty and aristocrats (hence the color royal purple.) Deep, dark shades of purple are typically a more masculine form of this while lighter pale purples have a more feminine touch. Dyes made from indigo and kermes used to be precious and rare, reserved exclusively for the elite of society. The association has never faded from society and is still recognized by popular culture and fashion today.

So, what can be said of a creature that is mysterious, royal, beautiful, and spectacularly unique? They would be one of the rarest beings in the world. The term “Purple Unicorn” refers to exactly this in a few different ways.

Purple Unicorns in Business

First, a Purple Unicorn refers to someone who is sought after by businesses. Purple Unicorns are the dream employee, capable of pushing the business to the next level. The position may be nearly impossible to fill with extreme requirements of knowledge, skills, and abilities, often in combination. These applicants are more than just above average – they are completely one of a kind!

Purple Unicorns in Dating

Similarly, the term “Purple Unicorn” is also relevant in the dating world. Do you know someone looking for their absolute perfect match? Someone who will accept absolutely no compromises? This person is indeed a Purple Unicorn Hunter! These individuals are likely to stay single for a very long time as they seek out their soulmate with a long list of unreasonable criteria. Purple Unicorns do exist, but they are one in a million. Purple Unicorn Hunters will likely spend their entire life seeking out the perfect unicorn, only to realize that their chances are too slim forcing them to compromise with a zebra instead.

In conclusion, Purple Unicorns are an extraordinary and fantastic type of individual who, in practice, are just as rare as the mythical creatures who share their name.