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Barbie Fairytale Unicorn

Barbie's Fairytale Unicorn has never had a single bad hair day in her life! She's looking for your help to create fantastic fresh styles to impress all her unicorn friends. Her perfectly pink hair comes complete with styling beads to create unique and beautiful looks with just a few snaps! Barbie's Fairytale Unicorn always brings her favorite set of brushes with her everywhere she goes to give her silky hair a lustrous shine all day, every day. Looking fabulous has never been easier!


Unicorns don't always have to be in old myths and legends, they can bring a magic touch to technology too! The Build-A-Bot Unicorn Robotics kit lets you create your very own unicorn from 20 different snapping pieces. Once you've assembled your new unicorn pal, you can even train it to respond to your commands by walking, jumping, and horsing around. It's easy to take apart and put back together with guiding numbers to help even the youngest inventors along the way. Are you ready to create a mystical mechanical new friend?

Bouncy Unicorn

Boing! It's a bouncy bonanza with Starshine the unicorn! Starshine loves to happily hop the day away, bouncing from cloud to cloud across the sky. Starshine loves having company on her adventures and will teach anyone to bounce just like her! She makes a great playtime companion for kids of all ages who love to jump, hop, leap, and bounce! Starshine comes with an easy to use hand pump for quick inflation and can easily be deflated for convenient storage. Spring into action and adopt Starshine today!

Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel

The unicorn is, without a doubt, the most beautiful creature ever. It's no wonder that everyone loves these amazing mystical creatures so much. Everything about the unicorn is filled with wonder, magic, sparkles, and rainbows. Yes, even unicorn snot! This magical glittery gel is the perfect compliment for any fun and exciting look. You'll be as dazzling as a disco ball amid a sparkling night sky! Unicorn snot is easy to use and even easier to clean up. There's simply no mess at all! Since your shimmering sparkles are conveniently contained in a glamorous gel, stray specks won't stain your adorable attire! A unicorn might have sneezed on you, but it will be absolutely worth it!

Unicorn Kisses

It's time for unicorn kisses! Are you looking to avoid dangerously dry lips or suffer from bland and boring balms? Well there's good news! These adorable little unicorns are positively overflowing with magic to share. Don't just settle for any lip balm - you can take all the wonder and whimsy of a unicorn with you wherever you go! These luscious lip balms come in an enticing variety of enchanting flavors to excite your taste buds! With unicorn lip balm, you'll get a glossy glow of rejuvenating moisture to protect your lips for hours! What else but a unicorn could pack so much magic and moisture into such a small container?

Unicorn Hair

Is there anything more stylish than a unicorn's mane in all of its vibrant and beautiful colors? Truly, these magical creatures are an inspiration for us all! Fortunately, Lime Crime's Unicorn Hair makes that mythical glamour available to anyone and everyone! Unicorn hair comes in five different fabulous colors: Charcoal, Chestnut, Neon Peach, Salad, and Valentine! These sublime shades are splendid on their own, but also look incredible when combined in whatever creative style you need for your personal mane! Best of all, Unicorn Hair doesn't harm any unicorns - or any animals, for that matter. It's a cruelty-free vegan product with no animal ingredients or testing! Start looking like a unicorn today with Unicorn Hair!

Mythical Makeover

Do you think unicorns are the most stylish and elegant of all creatures? With a pearly horn, rainbow mane, and perfectly white fur these wondrous creatures are icons of beauty and grace! Take some of that mythical style for yourself with a set of unicorn themed makeup tools! A set of uniquely unicorn themed brushes with a rainbow of pastel colors await you in a perfectly pink carrying case. The brushes are as soft as a unicorn's kiss atop a gently floating cloud. Whether you're just applying a quick look or whole new makeover, your unicorn brushes are here to help. They're easy and fun to use so you can embrace your inner unicorn during your morning routine!

Unicorn Mug

Everyone knows the best way to start the day is with a magical unicorn companion! But, what you might not know is that unicorns love delicious drinks such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Why not share your morning beverage of choice with a cute and cuddly unicorn pal! Your unicorn buddy will enjoy breakfast with you, come on trips to the office, or even just relax on a chilly evening. Unicorns may take on a variety of adorable forms, from soft minimalist patterns to extravagant and beautiful unicorn shapes. Whatever type of unicorn you love, you're sure to find the perfect unicorn for your personality!

Unicorn Jewelry Box

Unicorns are regal, noble creatures with elegant queens and magical princesses. Of course, such royal creatures have so many royal treasures to display that they simply cannot manage all of them at once. Of course, these royal unicorns have lovely lockboxes to store their exotic equestrian treasures with style! Just as these lovely unicorns do, you can store your jewelry, collections, or other cherished treasures with a dash of magic! Enchant your possessions with the power of a unicorn and keep them out of harm's way while creating a wonderful decoration to accent your room! Live life like a unicorn princess!

Transformation Time

Attention unicorn lovers! It's time for a delightful day of dress up (or a magical transformation)! Whether it's a special occasion or just a fun day around the house, the unicorn tutu is a wonderfully whimsical style. Does your little unicorn want to be a magical fairy, a beautiful ballerina, a unicorn princess, or something even more unique and wonderful? Tutus are the most expressive and interesting outfit anyone can wear! These unicorn tutus come in a rainbow of colors to perfectly pair with your little unicorn's personality. They'll be the best dressed member of their magical tea party. Don't forget the crumpets!

Unicorn Cases

Perfectly pink, pleasantly playful, powerfully protective cases for all phones. You may have spent hundreds of dollars on your phone, don't let a perilous plummet from the clouds put it at risk! Unicorns will keep your phone safe and enchant it with a rubbery grip so it's easy to hold to, even while you're galloping at high speeds! These delightfully sturdy cases are constructed from silicon rubber for an easy grip and a cushioned bounce. Unicorn themed cases will bring a splash of wonderful rainbow magic into each and every day. No matter what kind of unicorns you love, you're bound to find your own perfect partner. Let your phone show off your passion for the world's best legendary animal and have fun doing it! Why settle for normal when you can be mythical?

Cotton Candy Cuties

What better way to feel refreshed than with the mythical creature representing purity and cleansing? Spend a relaxing day lounging around with a unicorn friend and feel your troubles melt away like a yummy bite of cotton candy! These adorable, fluffy, rainbow slippers give your feet a comfy and cozy fairy tale flare. With a no-slip, waterproof sole and a delightfully fur-like texture all around, they're a wonderfully comfortable choice for a relaxing day at home. Your toes will thank you for the amazingly soft start to your day!

Shimmer and Shine

Light it up, Beautiful! Unicorns are magical creatures that lighten up our hearts with enchantment and joy! Wouldn't it be amazing if you could spread that magical radiance to the your surrounding space? Well, you can! Unicorn lamps bring the loving luminance of the unicorn to light up your living space! Whether you're looking for a calm and soothing glow to warm your room or a rainbow of color to brighten your day, unicorn lamps are the perfect accessory for all occasions - they can be used as traditional lamps or an eye-catching centerpiece for your console table or dresser! Unicorn lamps fit everywhere - they're bound to brilliantly brighten up your bedroom or supplement your study with a sparkling shine! Embrace your inner unicorn lover and light up your life!

Crystal Clear

It's crystal clear - unicorns never go out of style! So why not add a sparkling elegant touch of unicorn magic to your collection? The Crystal Unicorn Figurine fits perfectly on shelves, tables, or however you'd prefer to display your precious pal. Unicorn Lovers are bound to appreciate the detail and quality of this unique unicorn, making it an ideal gift for special occasions! 100% authentic Swarovski crystal in pink, purple, and clear colors makes up the entirety of the figurine so it's always beautifully shimmering with the grace of a unicorn. Invite this wonderful creature into your home and make your fairytale dreams come true!

Tea Time

The magical rainbow unicorn kettle is as filled with personality as it is with tea! This Tin Unicorn Tea Set is perfect for a unique splash on tea time or any unicorn lover's whimsical tea party. The set contains 15 matching pieces with vibrant colors and pure happiness. It's as warm and inviting as a hot cup of tea on a rainy day! The set is all tin so even the littlest members of the tea party don't need to worry about breaking a piece. Invite all your unicorn friends and prepare some crumpets, it's time for tea!

Unicorn Arts and Crafts

Unicorns are beautiful creatures of rainbows, sparkles, and glitter. Every unicorn is totally unique and special, with hair of all styles and coats of every color under the sun. Wouldn't it be fun to design your very own personalized unicorn? Arts and crafts are a fantastic way for unicorn lovers of all ages to dream up all kinds of playful new unicorn friends, beautiful unicorn princesses, or mysterious magical mares! Or, maybe you'd rather follow the included guides and encounter a delightfully designed unicorn with bright colors and shining sparkles! Anything is possible with unicorns!


Unicorn castles so high in the sky can by a chilly place sometimes! But never fear, a little cold doesn't bother a unicorn - even the snowiest winters are no match for a unicorn's embrace! Keep your unicorn lover cozy this season with cute and comfortable plush boots. They're as light and fluffy as walking through the clouds on a rainbow trail! Their rubber soles will make slippery surfaces safer, even without four legs. These snuggly boots are packed with unicorn fuzz to keep out the cold and keep everyone's hooves dry.

Pillowy Pals

What could be more relaxing than resting your head on the magical fluff of a unicorn? They're without a doubt the softest, cuddliest, and most adorable of all the mythical creatures. Whether you've encountered a unicorn of your own or not, you can still experience this dream come true! Unicorn pillows are filled to the brim with personality and make for charming decorative additions to beds and couches. With a variety of sizes, a rainbow of colors, and dazzling designs there's bound to be a dedicated and delightful unicorn to assist you, no matter which room you're looking to brighten up! Adopt your unicorn pillow today and let your enchanted fantasy become reality!

Unicorn Toilet Paper

Not everything in life is full of sparkles and rainbows, but unicorns can add a little bit of joy to anything in the world! Take the mundane and make it amazing with fun-filled roll of unicorn toilet paper! Wipe away your boring old toilet paper and make it magical! Unicorn toilet paper is specially made with food grade eco-friendly pigments, so everyone can enjoy it. Unicorn toilet paper even makes potty training a breeze for your little ponies, they'll be excited to spend time with a unicorn! It really is true - unicorns make everything better!

Unicorn Gold

Do you prefer to leave the bathroom smelling better than you found it? Unicorn Gold eliminates all bathroom odors with the power of a mythical unicorn! Infused with real gold, these sweetly scented sprays destroy odor and replaces it with fantastic aromas. Unicorn Gold comes in a variety of scents including Citrus Squeeze, Fruity Booty, Mystic Forest, Pinch of Vanilla, and Tropical Dropsicle. Whichever incredible scent you choose, your bottle lasts for up to 200-400 trips to the bathroom depending on use. Each spritz is ultra fast acting and the convenient bottle fits in a purse or pocket for easy access, even on the go! Trademarked Potty Lock technology turns expletives into compliments! Whenever and wherever Mother Nature calls, you'll be ready for your Golden hour! Finish up your business like a unicorn - always with grace!

Hoof Warmers

They might not be hooves, but this set of fun and unique socks will get you where you need to go with all the grace of a unicorn. Lovely pastels, colorful rainbows, and the cutest little unicorns will adorn your feet with your spectacular personality! A blend of polyester, cotton, and spandex makes these socks extremely comfy - even if you're galloping all day long. Unicorn socks are great all year round - they're warm enough to keep you cozy and breathe enough to keep you cool. Your next walk through a meadow is going to be positively mystical!

Unicorn Shoes

They might not be hooves, but unicorn shoes work just as well for the unicorn lover on the go! Unicorn shoes are as subtle or as showy as you like! You're free to canter across the endless clouds in comfort with whatever creative style you please! With pretty pastels, stunning sparkles, and even actual unicorn horns, there's no better way to express your love for unicorns! Every unicorn lover will find their perfect pair with options that stretch farther than the end of the rainbow. Strut your stuff and take your love of unicorns anywhere and everywhere!

Unicorn Playhouse

Imagine for a moment that you are strolling through an enchanted forest filled with whimsical wildlife and charming unicorn friends. For your little unicorns, this dream can be a reality! Unicorn Playhouses are an escape from the everyday into a world of limitless imagination! These fun filled playhouses spark the creative minds of children to let them explore their creativity in a whole new fun-filled way! Unicorn Playhouses are easy to set up and quick to fold away into a convenient carrying case, so any day can contain a brand new unicorn adventure!

Unicorn Farts

What's that smell? It's rainbows, glitter, and love! Everything about the unicorn is filled with magic and joy. Yes, everything! This bag contains 3oz. of pure unicorn farts, which are known to resemble fruit punch flavored cotton candy. This bag is scientifically proven to make anyone smile! Give it as a gift or enjoy them all to yourself, the unicorn won't mind. Take a big whiff and enjoy! Unicorn Farts even donates a portion of each purchase to help support charity! They're 100% magical, they're 100% majestic, they're 100% mystical. They're unicorn farts!

Unicorn Fingerling

The Baby Unicorn Fingerling is an adorable little companion! You could meet Gemma (Pink), Alika (Purple), or Gigi (White). Which one will be your new best friend? Whoever you choose, you're bound to have a magical time! These fingerling unicorns will react to touch, sound, and motion with over 40 unique interactions. They might give out kisses, make cute sounds, or move around - there's so much fun to discover! They can hang around on your finger all day or find a comfortable place on any piece of furniture you desire! Adopt your new unicorn friend for hours and hours of playtime and joy.

Rocking Unicorn

Everyone wishes they had their very own unicorn to ride through magical forests or canter through cloudy kingdoms in the sky. Meet Celeste, the starry rocking unicorn! With Celeste, your little unicorn lover can have this dream come true with their very own unicorn to ride anywhere their blossoming imagination takes them. Celeste comes with handles and detachable foot plates so she can grow alongside your little unicorn lover as their dreams get ever bigger. She's covered in soft, delicate colors and heirloom quality fabric so she'll be a part of the family for generations.

Whatever Floats...

Did you know unicorns are spectacular swimmers? They are - and they're throwing a pool party for you! Unicorn pool floats make for the perfect companions for a summertime splash. Whether it's a day at the beach or a dip in the pool, your pal is ready for a rainbow cruise! These unicorns won't let you down - with wide bases and handles for grip, even the waves won't buck you off of your chosen stallion. All the other seahorses sit around munching on kelp all day - but unicorns know how to have a blast! Whether you're a solo rider or have a whole uni-cavalry with you, get ready for an enchanted day full of magic and some fun in the sun!

Unicorn Umbrella

Every day can be a wonderful day when unicorns are involved! No matter how dark and stormy the weather may get, unicorns are there to brighten the day and add a spring to your step! Your umbrella will keep the rain away with the power of a unicorn! You can prance through the rain with your unicorn pals and stay as dry as their fluffy mane. Even on the sunniest days your unicorn umbrella doubles as a parasol in paradise, so enjoy the weather! After all, you can't have a beautiful sparkling rainbow without a little bit of rain!

Unicorn Rain Boots

Wet, wintry, or wild environments are no match for a unicorn's embrace! Keep your unicorn lover cozy no matter what kind of weather passes by with cute and comfortable unicorn boots. They're as light and fluffy as walking through the clouds on a rainbow trail! Their rubber soles will make slippery surfaces safer, even without four legs. These safe and snuggly boots are packed with unicorn fuzz to keep out the weather and make certain everyone's hooves stay dry. Unique unicorn looks give these boots a spectacular style even they're splashing safely through slippery puddles! Never fear because unicorns are here!

Ready for Adventure

Are you or your little one unicorn lovers? Can't get enough glitz, glam, and sparkles? Show off your favorite mythical creature to everyone you know! This playful and unique backpack has enough space for books, folders, supplies, and plenty of magical trinkets and goodies! Unicorn backpacks come in all sorts of delightful shapes and sizes. Pretty pastels, sparkling sequins, radiant rainbows, or perhaps even a real unicorn horn! Wherever you're headed, unicorns will be there to make it a lovely fairytale dream come true!